Reach Out, Open Up, Take In

Developing your skills in advocacy, networking and international cooperation

Pomáz, Hungary, 27 February - 1 March 2009

The seminar "Reach out, Open Up, Take In" addresses national music organisations in North, Central and South Eastern Europe, from Albania to Slovakia to Ukraine to Estonia. The seminar will provide an insight on how to be recognised as a cultural advocacy body in your country and how to put the 2005 UNESCO Convention on cultural diversity into practice.

The following questions will be investigated: How to become and how to stay a representative umbrella organisation? How to open up for different music genres and how to cooperate with organisations from other art forms? Which are the chances and challenges of European and international partnerships? And how to create a fair system of intellectual property rights? These and further questions will be discussed in diverse presentations and panel discussions by experts from the national and international music sector in dialogue with all the participants.

The seminar is a organised jointly by the International and European Music Council (IMC/EMC), the Hungarian Music Council, Europa Cantat, the Europa Cantat Central Eastern European Center (ECCEEC) and the Choral Castle Pomáz.

There will be more detailed information available soon.

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